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Real Indie Author is an indie author service provider. We are a growing team of professionals dedicated to helping you create, craft, and polish your books.


We review outlines you’ve written.

We come up with concepts and turn them into outlines for you to write.

We write outlines you want.


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At Real Indie Author, Our small yet versatile team of outliners can assist with most of your genre needs. We’re bringing on more outliners to be better able to attack any genre you throw at us.

We currently handle: fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, dystopian, paranormal romance, and cozy mysteries.


 You dream it.

We draw it.

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We break world-building down and

make it easy to get to what counts:


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We have two world-builders on staff dedicated to helping you create the world that will hold your story. We take the hassle out so you don’t have to worry about it.

We don’t simply edit your book.

We manage the editing experience.

Easier on us. Peace of mind for you.

Win-win all around.

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Real Indie Author doesn’t just provide amazing editing services, but we also manage the entire editing process for you.

Editing can be stressful. We work hard to keep the stress out of your edits. Our end goal is to make your manuscript shine.  


We offer more services as well.

Contact Frankie for more information.

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Is Real Indie Author the right fit for you?

You should do some research and decide for yourself. We highly recommend you check out other service providers  on our ever-growing Providers List.

I know.  Sounds silly to have the competitors listed here, but we're not kidding around. We want you to find your best fit, whether it's us or someone else. There are a lot of great service providers out there. Make sure you've found the right fit for you.