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Frankie Jo Blooding has been helping indie authors for over ten years. She lives in Montana with her husband, his two part-time kids, and their cat, Tesla. She's a USA Today Bestselling author and is finally living her dream of doing this full-time, writing books, making graphics, helping other indies. That's the perfect business. 

She's terribly, terribly excited for a chance to help you! 


I've failed and got back up again and again and again. 

I was rejected by agents and publishing houses 118 times. 

I was picked up by two small publishing houses that then went under. 

I was almost picked up by an agent, who then quit the business to be a full-time indie author. 

Whiskey Witches failed to launch three times and was completely re-branded twice. I also had to re-edit it 30 times.

Devices of War failed to launch once and was completely re-branded. 

I had crappy covers I could barely afford, had bad blurbs and sales copy, and I couldn't get reviews to save my soul. I didn't advertise for the first twelve years of being published and then failed at Amazon, Facebook, and Bookbub ads. 

But through all of that, I did the best I could with the tools I had. So, I'm hoping to help you succeed by helping you fail a little less.