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Frankie Blooding has been in the indie author world since 2002 and was one of the very first e-book published authors. She won awards for a terribly written story and has gained considerable knowledge by failing hard and still overcoming.

She's also been a project manager for 20+ years in the construction industry. There, she managed grown men who didn’t appreciate having to listen to a woman and made her projects millions of dollars.

And she's been in marketing for 5+ years, is currently getting her degree in it. She’s successfully brought her books from making a couple hundred dollars a month to sustaining her family.

She's the lead author service provider, editor, cover artist, instructor, and coach. She's putting together a great team of individuals who can service a great group of growing indie authors.

Real Indie Author is her passion. She loves helping other authors and she sincerely wants every one of her authors to succeed.

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