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We have a growing team of editors to meet your needs.

The Team

Past and Current Clients

Melle Amade

J.A. Culican

Ethan Freckleton

Jennifer Grey

Laxmi Hariharan

Elly Whittaker






Frankie Blooding

Frankie is our editor manager. She specializes in cracking the whip and developmental edits. She will step in for any other edit if you need it. She's also the second set of eyes on a copy or proof edit.

She's been in the business for over 15 years and has published several books. She's a USA Today and WSJ Bestselling author. Her experience as an editor can also help you take your career to the next point.

She’s also the Book Doctor! Find out more about my Book Doctoring Services. 

Dliaria Davis

Del is a fantastic developmental and line editor who works fast and catches a lot of stuff! She's also a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Maria Rosera

She is a fantastic proofreader and line editor. However, she has a lot on her plate and needs extra time. So, if your schedule allows, I like to use her as our proof reader.

Samantha Wiley

She’s a great line editor and proof reader. When she’s not riding out a hurricane, she’s got a great turn around.

Theresa Schultz

She is our newest addition. She’s a good proofreader and line editor, and has a good turn around.

Description of Services


I do most of the developmental edits myself. I will read through the first portion of your book and offer my assessment. After reading the assessment, you and I will discuss what you want me to focus on. Then, I get to work looking at your structure, pacing, character development, world-crafting, voice, and more. I don't pull punches. 


The copyedit is just looking at grammar, spelling, puncutation, syntax, repeat words, sentence structure, etc. I may look at copyright issues, or do fact checking if that comes up. There will be no structural changes made here. 

We currently have three editors who can assist with copy edits. 


All we're looking for here is missing words, wrong words, missing or wrong punctuation. We'll be looking at the layout to make sure you have the breaks in the right places and that nothing looks funny.