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World Building/

Character Building

You walk into my house, and there are different solar systems hanging from my ceilings, and histories and maps  hanging from my walls. That's how much I love it!

So, can someone like me help you? It's easy!  


What I Do

There are a lot of people who have exceptional ideas for stories, but the world-building just bogs them down. They go into a chapter where they know exactly what needs to happen....

And then they get stuck at the door because they're trying to figure out how the magic works to open it. 

I love working all that stuff out. I love researching it and refining it, twisting it and shaping it to create unique worlds. And, I've discovered, it's something I'm good at translating. 

You come up with the idea, let me know what areas you want to focus on, and I get it done. 

I specialize in all areas of fantasy and science fiction. We can create as many alternate dimensions as you need, as many alternate worlds and games as you like. 

And I help you lay down the "bread crumbs" to solve mysteries, if that's what you have in your series.

The Process

We start in OneNote again

You create the OneNote and share it with me at 

And then write down any and all notes you want or can send me. There are some people who literally just send me pictures. One author sent me the link to a song and had me world-build off of that. So, the challenge is out there. LOL! 

Research begins

I invest about a day in research before writing a single word down on the paper. I research history, or science, or the latest astrophysics theories and news. 

I dig out names and dates, and hit on a few things that spark an interest. If there's a mystery that will need to be solved, I outline it. 

Then, the work begins

That's when I get to work. If all you need is world building, I give you the setting and history in as much detail as I can, in an organized and easy-to-follow manner that includes links to articles, as well as links to pages within your OneNote. 

If you also need character building, I continue on the next day and create the list of characters you may need. I give them a bit of history for you to play with, giving you room to have fun, but enough to start from. 

I had Frankie Blooding do a world building packet for a new series I’m working on, and O.M.G. - the DETAIL! The HISTORY! The CHARACTERS. I love this woman’s brain. So excited about what she pulled together!
— Rebecca Hamilton
Frankie is amazing. I love how she takes simple ideas and stretches them into awesomeness. Her world/character building is creative and Frankie is knowledgeable about various mythologies. I believe she takes things one step further to help you understand things further and she makes you feel as if she cares about your story/outline/characters as well. Additionally, she provides tips and advice to help strengthen the story. Frankie is the real deal!
— Mars Lize