Are you a Real Indie Author?

Let's be real for a moment, shall we? 

Being a real indie author is amazing, but it's crazy hard work, extraordinary dedication, and the kind of hours that would make an ER nurse ask if you're insane. We scrimp and save. We spend money we don't have for services we need. We bust our butts for reviews that Amazon then decides to throw away. Every single thing we do is questioned by our readers and by our fellow authors. We're made to look like cheating villains when we succeed and miserable failures when we "just haven't made it there yet." 

Real Indie Author caters to the real indie authors, and we celebrate you for your temerity and your unwillingness to go down without one heck of a fight. We salute you. 


Find the Help You Need!


Real Indie Author brings editors, cover artists, formatters, and any other service provider you might need right to your fingertips! If we can't provide you with the service that meets your budget, you can go to our other providers page to find others who might be able to! 

We have a growing team of Real Indie Service providers who are interested in helping you. More coming soon. 

Full Service Station

However, we are able to provide you almost any service you may need to publish your book. We're Real Indie Authors, too. We've developed, written, edited, formatted, published, and marketed our own books, so we know what it takes and what you need to publish yours.