What is Real Indie Author Services?

We're an indie service provider. So, yeah. We take your money in return for services. 

Great. Another one right? 

What makes us different than the rest? 

Not much. The more you dig into indie service providers, the more you realize we all bring years of experience, we're all trying to do a great job, and we're all struggling to pay the rent and feed the cat. Well, feed ourselves, too. But let's be serious a minute. Feeding the cat is a life or death situation. They know where we sleep. 

While funny, that doesn't tell me Who you are.

We're a growing team of indie service providers dedicated to helping you be successful. Our goal is to see each and every single one of you be as amazing as possible. When you flourish, we get to... you know, feed the cat on a regular basis. The cat appreciates that.

But we excel in book development and organization. If you're looking for covers, edits, plotting, personal assistance, review management, ad management, launch assistance, or anything in between, you're in the right place. Scroll down for a list of some of the services we offer.

Don't see something you need? Contact me and discuss. 

That's rather helpful. how do you stack up to the rest?

You should do some research and decide for yourself. We highly recommend you check out other service providers  on our ever-growing Providers List.

I know.  Sounds silly to have the competitors listed here, but we're not kidding around. We want you to find your best fit, whether it's us or someone else. There are a lot of great service providers out there. Make sure you've found the right fit for you. 


World building/plotting/outlining

I'm great at world-building, character development, and plotting. I've got a growing list of successful authors who use this service who include Rebecca Hamilton, Melle Amade, J.A. Culican, and many others. 

I use OneNote to keep everything organized. It's free to anyone who already has Microsoft Office. If you don't have Microsoft Office, just let me know, and we'll figure out another program to use. It's organized similarly to Scrivener. However, Scrivener doesn't allow a Cloud-like experience. You can share the series bible we create with your entire team: your cover artist, editors, blurb writer, and co-authors. 

I use a number of methods to outline by: Cat Goes to the Movies, Romancing the Beats, Three Acts, Hero's Journey, and many more. It's a simple and easy process. 

Packages - Editing.jpg


We have a growing team of editors on our team. We provide developmental edits, line edits, and proofs. 

We're not the cheapest, but we're not the most expensive, either. We invest time in your manuscript and we have a fast turn-around. For developmental edits, we turn your manuscript around in a week after the schedule date. For lines and proofs, we generally turn those around in a day or two. We don't flake, and because we're a team, if one of us is sick, the other picks up the slack to ensure your book, novella, or short story gets edited on time and with the highest level of quality we can provide.

Services - Plot Doctor.jpg

Book Doctor

Sometimes we have a book that just isn't selling, isn't getting reviews, or is getting crappy reviews. Or we wrote it, and just don't know what's wrong with it. We know we need to fix it before we send it to the developmental editor because--guys, listen to this--you get more out of your editor the cleaner your manuscript is. Crazy talk. I know. But it's so true. 

If your manuscript just needs help, this might be the place to start. 

Services - Fomatting.jpg


We don't do anything fancy, but we are fast and we get you taken care of. 

We use Vellum. We can use InDesign, but there has to be a reason for it because it really does take longer. 

Formatting comes with three (3) free proof updates as long as they aren't massive. Take your time with your proofs. Really. It's worth the investment. 



We offer help with blurbs. Sometimes, all you need a place to start, and other times, you just need it taken care of. Either way, we're here to help. There's three of us who can hammer away at your blurb. 

We study all the genres because each one is a bit different. An UF approach won't work with a sci-fi book, and vice versa. 

We give you three rounds.