Paranormal cozy. Halloween themed.

All Erma wanted was to use her magic to give her niece and nephew Halloween candy, not solve a robbery gone wrong.


Erma looks forward to Halloween every year because that’s her favorite holiday. She makes costumes for the kiddos of Crystalline Woods and decorates her house for the local Halloween contest, and bakes the tastiest treats for everyone’s Halloween parties as the local bakery in town.


But one day, someone robs her shop, then goes into the basement to steal her niece’s costume. Unfortunately, they took her wand and tiara which are family heirlooms for budding witches.


Together with her cat familiar Trixie and her dog Leon, they must solve the case before her family realizes what happened and her niece cannot go trick or treating. What fun would be for a witch to go out and not play a trick on her friends?


But there’s one problem. Her familiar goes missing and the other witch ends up turning the town into goblins and other ghastly monsters.


The danger just got real.


Witch of a Hex

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