Space Opera



Alice never said she hadn't been with a man before. Everyone on Alpha Zeta Nine just assumed she was a prude. She couldn't blame them too bad though. She spurned all of their advances.


But it wasn't because she didn't want a relationship. She just didn't want a relationship with anyone on the space station. She knew how it went. They would start dating, the new crew would come on board in a few months, and then she would be old news.


It had happened before. And not even once. She had let it happen too many times in the past. So often she preferred the virtual reality decks to a relationship now. She could walk away from those and not feel guilty.


At least not until the new fleet captain crossed her path and her stomach dropped to her feet and her heart to her brain. She couldn't stop thinking about them and how they held their stature, command, and had an air of freshness that the staleness of space hadn't stolen yet.


When there is a call for a mission specialist to go with the new captain Alice is the first to volunteer her services. No one stops her.


Can she convince them they are meant to be together?

Where No Man Has Gone... Before

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