Paranormal Rom-Com
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Rain? Check.

Hail? Check.

Snow? No, not snow... Flowers?


The weather was going crazy for this time of year, but it wasn't unusual for Seattle. There were times that you could see all four seasons hit in one day.

What was odd about today was when the flowers started to fall from the sky.


Tabitha had always loved the crazy weather and unexpected things that happened on any given day in Seattle. Today was no different. Rain at breakfast, hail by lunch, but snowing flower petals by dinner? That was a new one even by her standards.


Blaine hadn't meant to ruin another proposal, but when the hail hit there was nothing he could do about it. Being Cupid's grandson was problematic on a good day, but when you try to fly through a hail storm over Seattle... Well, he should have known better. Especially when his bag got ripped open and all the petals started to fall out.


When he flies down to survey the damage he almost lands on Tabitha, a local news reporter out to get a story on the flower petals pouring from the sky. When their eyes lock through the flurry there's no turning back.


Now they have to work together to straighten out all the mismatched couples he created, and find out if they are meant to be, or another mistake.


Weather Say What

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