The Games Fairies Play

PNR Or cozy mystery Or mystery UF thriller
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Chrys Murphy has it all. She’s a top reporter at a major online paper, lives in a ritzy apartment in the city, and has a handsome, loving boyfriend named Stuart. She’s got lots of friends to party with and makes enough money to keep herself in the fanciest of shoes, which she loves.


But when Stuart goes missing under strangely paranormal conditions, she has a choice to make. Rely on the human police force to find him—which she can tell by the crime scene evidence that suggests he was taken by fairies is highly unlikely to happen—or use the abilities she’s hidden since she was a child to kick some supernatural ass and take a few names.


Because Chrys(anthemum) is a pretty powerful Fae. She has wings and everything. In fact, her Fae family is royalty, and she was supposed to be queen eventually. Over the years, those in her old world have tried to entice her back in, but she’s resisted, thumbing her nose at her heritage.


Still, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and if she finds out that sweet Stuart was taken as a way to get at her, someone’s going to pay hell for it.


The Games Fairies Play

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