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Tropes: Shifters, damaged goods


Gina came home from the Psychic Wars scarred.


Not that anyone could see. The scars are on the inside. Each para has only so much power, and when it's used up, it's gone.


Paras and norms segregated and formed cities of all norms or paras, and they've been fighting ever since. Norms have the technology and things that go boom. Paras have magic, and also make things go boom.


The war is at a stalemate.


Darren is young and powerful. He's headed to the front to fight. He has a chance meeting with Gina and finds out what awaits her.


With enough power, anything should be possible, and Darren is going to heal Gina.


If they can stay out of the para's prison for desertion.


Some Scars Don't Heal

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