Shadow Fae



Willa grew up knowing she was something different, something dark. She communed with shadow, found cuteness in creatures others feared. She didn’t feel the need to “protect” life at all costs. She understood the beauty in death.


So, when she stumbled across someone like her—someone dark like her—she’s excited having been raised in the human world for most of her life. However, what she discovers is a world of fae doing dark and dangerous things for the sake of evil. No one can stand against them.


She, however, doesn’t believe that. She’s heard legends of the gargoyles, creatures of stone who have the ability to guard against great power. She sets on a quest to locate one, but one finds her instead.


Jack Roche has been a gargoyle for many years and he’s guarded over the lands for a long time, but when he saw Willa, a shadow fae, in his protected neighborhood, he was immediately on guard. And then, he was curious.


They both realize that together, they can bring the shadow fae down, doing what neither of them could alone.

Shadow Fae


    ©2020 by Real Indie Author