Prison Games

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Lit RPG - (KDP SPY $120K)

Tropes: Prison, witches, Lit RPG

Amanda was sentenced to twelve years of hard service for failure to pay her debts. It wasn't her fault her dad got sick. She'd done everything she could to help, but one thing led to another, and even her luck charms weren't enough to save her.

When he died, it was like the world went with him. And now, here she is serving twelve years.

As a NPC (non-player character) in an online game.

She has a script she has to follow. She has tasks she has to do each day. She feels everything that happens in this game, and the NPC's who are all fellow prisoners are not treated well.

But then she finds the person who got her into this mess in the first place, the man who denied her father the coverage they needed. And he's bragging about what he did to her and thousands of others like her.

She's been in the game just long enough to learn a little bit about how things wok and her magic is still working here, though it's a bit different. As she's figuring things out, she's discovering she's even more powerful in here than she ever was out there.

This prison game might not be the end like she and the rest of them though. This might be a bright new beginning.

One where they find justice.

It's time to find out.


Prison Games

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