Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Standalone unless the buyer wants a series of books within the same universe/city.


No one has been able to capture the Phantom Thief in seven years. But when he steals an international treasure, Laura hopes to break that trend.

Jewelry store owner Laura Matthews had one job: to protect the Princess of England’s crown until she married the Prince on their wedding day. She took her job with pride. She even hired a private security service to help her protect something the Queen personally asked her to watch because she suspected they would break into the palace to steal this international treasure.

After she hired the best company in the world, she finds out devastating news. The Phantom Thief still stole the crown. But he left behind a big clue: his calling card of a three of diamonds.

The thief is none other than her best friend.

Now, Laura must become the amateur sleuth in order to find the crown and save her best friend from a life of crime. But the longer she chases after him through London (and sees his ridiculous calling cards after stealing international treasures), the more she realizes she enjoys being a sleuth. Maybe this was her calling in life—saving other people whenever they had a mystery to solve.

Either way, the crown must be recovered before the coronation.

Laura is the only woman that can do it.


Laura & the Phantom Jewel Thief

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