Sci-Fi – Space Opera
Standalone with possibility for a series
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Stuck on a dying ship, the last of human civilization must fight to save their ship and themselves.


It’s been 300 years since Earth became uninhabitable. The last of civilization left in ships, left the Earth, and went searching for a new world to call home.


Along the way they have faced everything from asteroid storms to alien civilizations. Nothing can prepare them for their home, their ship, finally failing.


Stuck in the middle of nowhere, no space stations, no alien vessels, no planets anywhere near to land on. An SOS signal, archaic as it may be, is their only hope of rescue.


Ravaged by disease, starving, and only a portion of their population left, the humans are saved by an unknown alien race and taken to their planet, only to be sold off as slaves.

They must make friends with the other slaves and find a way to escape their new masters before they are erased as a species.



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