Fire for the Trees

PNR / Shifter Romance
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Justus lost his clan in a forest fire that left him scarred and alone. He could have found another clan, but he and his bear find the touch of others painful.


That is until he sees the lovely Kaiya. She's the new forest ranger and she's set to patrol his area. She's helping to track down the bear that's been reported in this area, and Justus finds that his bear is drawn to her in every way.


Kaiya was called out because she's a healer, but not just any kind of healer. She heals the big wounds, like burn scars on a mountain. The powers that be know that Justus is out there and that he's dangerously close to fully merging with his bear. If he does, he'll become rabid and they'll be forced to put him down.


Kaiya's job is to assess if he can be saved. If not, she has to be the one to put him down. But when she meets him, she knows there's nothing in this world that would make her do that.


Fire For the Trees

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