PNR/Romantic Suspense
Can be changed to romantic suspense or PNR.
Series. 3 books about the same couple.
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Braxton Hughes is a bear shifter and a doctor who is gifted at his craft. Not only is he smart, but he also has magic—the kind that allows him to heal people before they die.

Sometimes, he helps the police whenever they go into really bad situations. This time, he is recruited to help the police and the SWAT team with a hostage situation.


He meets Olivia Tidewater—an injured SWAT team member—but he feels a connection that makes him realize he’s supposed to be with her, but he doesn’t know why or how. But underneath the mask, she hides a brutal past like himself. He can see it in her eyes.


Now, he must confront the past that he escaped before it engulfs them both.

Meanwhile, Olivia and her crew have tracked a group of killers into a government building where her father works, believing them to be terrorists. When she suffers from a IED, she meets Braxton and also cannot deny their attraction. Still, there’s something familiar about him—something she can’t get her mind off of.


Then she realizes why. Braxton looks like his twin brother—the one who they just discovered was a sleeper agent for the terrorists.


Dr Braxton & the Terrorists

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