Djinn Trials

PNR with a different djinn for each book


Aiden has been trapped in his bottle for over twenty years when he made a deal with the previous owner to take his place. He’d wanted to escape his hell and found another. What the djinni he’d replaced failed to tell him was that there was a being hunting his kind, and now Aiden is on the hunted list. So, in order to keep himself safe, he hid his bottle where no one was likely to find it, and trapped himself inside.


Kacey is the woman everyone goes to when things need done. So, when her grandmother dies and the estate needs taken care of, she’s the one who gets the call. All she wants is action and excitement. Instead, she gets a mansion-sized house filled with really weird stuff.

However, she discovers that a lot of the “things” in her grandmother’s house was warded and protected against being disturbed. She realizes this when she accidentally rubs a lamp and a man pops out.


However, now that Aiden is no longer in his bottle, the creature hunting him draws closer. Kacey is about to get the action and excitement she’s always wanted, but it’s rife with danger. As she draws closer to losing a love she hadn’t looked for, she realizes she now has something to fight for. And that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Djinn Trials


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