Delroy Boys

Contemporary - (KDP SPY $2.3M)

PNR - (KDP SPY $455K) (could easily be made to be PNR)

Tropes: widow, lost child, second-chance, saving someone to save one’s soul from grief

The Delroy Boys is a ranch created by Gil Delroy thirty years ago to help troubled teens. But when he died, he left his ranch to the same teens he helped.

They’re coming back and picking up the pieces he left behind. It’s quite the mess. When he was no longer able to take in teens, he opened the ranch to take in animals who had been abandoned and abused. He had the money to do it, so that isn’t a problem.

Devin comes to Delroy Boys Ranch running from his personal demons. He lost his son and his wife in a car crash, one he survived. Survivors' guilt and the loss of his child is driving him nearly insane. It’s been two years, but he still can’t seem to get control of his life. This might be exactly what he needs.

But when RuthAnn shows up with her son, he realizes real fast that his demons might be hunting him down. She’s trying to save her son from people who are hunting him. She doesn’t know why. She only knows that people are trying to get to the information in his head. Her son is special. And that might be what gets them killed.

Or worse.

Devin isn’t going to let “or worse” happen to this kid. He’s going to protect this boy better than he managed to protect his own son, but he might lose a part of himself in the process.


Delroy Boys


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