Backstitch Witch


Minnie just wants to save the man of her dreams. But her contract specifically states she can't get involved with coven business.


Minnie Garcia has owned Backstitch Witch Designs for nearly ten years, and in that time she's finally secured the most lucrative contract of her life: Coven Alderwood. She's the seamstress for the four major covens. She provides the ceremonial robes and fancy outfits for all their most powerful and serious ceremonies. Her magic is sigil-craft, so she really is the most powerful in this field.


However, she's always had a crush on Dominic Todd. He's been her next-door neighbor for the past two years and he's a mid-ranking witch of the Bangerfield Coven.


When she discovers he's been on the receiving end of a terrible curse inflicted on him by the Alderwood Witches, she steps up to save him.


Except that she can't get personally involved.


That's not going to stop her. She designs their clothes and protects them. She can turn that against them if it means saving the man of her dreams.


Backstitch Witch

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