Krista only ever wanted to keep her sister safe, but now she has to reveal their secret if ever hopes to find her.


Krista is a secretary at a local accounting firm, but she could be so much more. She has the skills and the resume to be a project manager, handling several big clients. She has to keep a low profile, though, in order protect her sister.


Lola got herself into a bit of trouble with mob boss in New Jersey, thousands of miles from them. But Krista knows C-Man won’t stop looking for them. Not after he knows what they are.




But when Lola goes missing without a ransom demand, she knows she needs to ask for help. She can’t find Lola on her own. But who can she trust with this information? Dragons are like the golden goose who aren’t supposed to exist.


Special Agent Alex Adrien figures it out. His ability is to read people. She needs to figure out how before she inadvertently brings more danger to their lives than they already have.

As Dragon Is My Witness

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