Real Indie Author

Copy of Prices


Each package can be tailored to suit your needs. 



Review Standard outline

30K - 75K


Review Complex outline

75K - 125K


Short Story Outline

30K - 45K


Novel Length Outline

50K - 90K



Fantasy/Sci-Fi Outline

100K - 125K

World & Character Building


Standard World Build

Earth, Alt History



Complex World Build

Fantasy/Sci-fi/Multiple Dimensions (limit 2)

$25/hour for every hour beyond 8


Standard Character Build

Main and Secondary Characters (limit 10)



Book Doctor

Per book

Briefly read through ms and give report. Also point out specific areas that need extra work.



Developmental Edit

per word

Give detailed notes on the structure of the ms. In-line notes + detailed narrative.


Copy Edit

per word

Line edits with notes. We look at consistency as well as sentence structure.



per word

Review for grammar and punctuation only.



Book Format

ebook + paperback

I typically use Vellum, but I can use InDesign if your project needs it. This includes one pass of formats/tweaks as needed. 


Marketing Assistance

New releases

We work with you to manage your newsletter, help with your ads, your blurbs, and whatever else is needed in order to get your book released.


Marketing Consultation

I'll sit down with you and look at your brand, your books, and your market to see if we can find something that will help you sell more. This isn't a sure thing. And if you ignore the advise given because you know better, you're just going to waste your time. And mine. This is usually a full afternoon of research and discussion.



Blurbs (or sales synopsis) comes with three revisions.