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Dragon Court 

Epic Fantasy with Romance

Detailed outline without character sketches or world build



The elves and the dragons have been pitted against one another for decades. Generations even.

But now, there is a new enemy quickly approaching. They do not know who this enemy is or what they want. All they know is that darkness heralds their arrival and that the life is sucked out of the lands and the people.

Roshia is the 13th daughter to the queen and the only real person the queen can spare.

She discovers that the darkness isn't just a weapon or a cloud of life-sucking power. It doesn't just strip life from the lands. It… puts it somewhere else. It… changes it somehow.

And she locates a savior in the most unlikeliest of places; in the body of the dragon prince, Silvy El'Rysto.

But she knows that if she goes back to her mother with this information, the queen will feel forced to collect all dragons. At any cost.

The only question is… what price is Roshia willing to pay in order to save her kingdom? The heart of a man she's starting to love? Herself?

Or is there something more to this than meets the eye?


1 Hole-Heart A & B Ordinary World / Living Fully Within Identity

Roshia is in the castle with her family. We get to meet a few of her sisters. She is the 13th daughter of the Queen. The Queen is very powerful and she is a rigid taskmaster.
Roshia is quite happy with her life. She is leader of the cavalry and when asked, she provides additional security for some of her higher ranked sisters. She had the opportunity to seek a higher rank, but she did not wanted. She enjoys working in security. She enjoys getting dirty and working hard.
One of her sisters, Leena, is getting married. Roshia is providing security. But she also has to be a part of the wedding party. Because it is her sister getting married. We need to discover that her heart wound is the fact that she is married to her country. And she is the 13th daughter. So, no one is going to want to marry her.
As the guests are coming in, we get a report that the darkness has taken another town. It is getting closer. And we need to find a solution. We need to find a way to stop it.
However, while this is going on, there is a disturbance at the door. She goes to check it out and discovers that one of the guests invited a Dragon prince. Normally, the dragons would not be allowed into their castle. However, because this is a day of celebration, she allows it. But she tells him to be on his absolute best behavior.
And then she goes back to her sister, realizing that she probably made a very big mistake.

2 Hole-Heart B Call to Adventure / Glimpsing, Longing, Desiring

Silvyr is upset that he allowed himself to be talked into this. His best friend, Cable, is the ruler of the neighboring kingdom. Silvyr happened to be visiting when he was getting ready to leave. And so, Cable just invited him to come along.
Silvyr does not like the elves at all. He feels rather uncomfortable being with them. And the elves keep things — weapons and such — along the walls that make his Dragon uncomfortable.
We need to learn a little bit about him. The women of the court are very excited to meet him and are asking a lot of questions.
We discover that he does not believe he will ever find love because the medicine woman of his court informed him that his mate had been born and killed by the elves. So, with that said, he doubts he will get another chance at love. And he has a secret hate for Roshia and everything her family stands for.

3 Meet Cute Crossing the Threshold / Committing

Roshia is with two of her other sisters after the wedding. They are at the banquet. They are discussing the guests and who might be good marriage candidates.
Roshia isn’t participating in this too much. She knows that she is not going to find a mate in this room. She knows she is not likely to find a mate at all.
However, she sees that several women are fawning over Silvyr. She needs to stop that.
So, she goes and decides to keep the Dragon prince busy.
They dance. They spend a little time together. At first, they are irritated by one another. But then they accidentally slip up and show the other the real person they are underneath and we have a moment of connection.
We close this chapter with a distress signal.
The darkness is getting closer.


Tree of Change

Dark UF 

Could be turned to dark PNR


The Tree of Change gives all who pass an incredible gift. A shifter spirit.

Each year, a race is held and those who make it to the tree are tested. Some pass. Some don't. Some die. Some live.

Alysa is nervous. She needs this to work. Her son needs her to become more powerful, to protect him from those who are hunting them. Trophy hunters who are eager to take her half-blood son and sell him on the black market. But when she reaches the tree, she stops. Something doesn't feel right.

And then the tree speaks to her. Only one word. "Help."

The tree is dying and this race is slowly destroying her. Does Alysa do what she must in order to protect her son?

Or does she save the tree and possibly bring even more danger to her, her son… and to everyone she holds dear?


The Gods Descended

Standalone or series


In early 1963, just before the Space Race began, the Pantheon descended to Earth to reclaim what was once theirs. Humanity split into two camps. One kept to the new gods of science and pushed out toward space and mechanical gods of their own making. The other went to the odl gods and were granted great magical abilities.

In 2204, a secret society driven to merge the two made an AI born of tech and magic has taken control of the techno humans, and has killed several of the gods.

Triplets Jacb and his sisters, Emly and Aeson, were born with the power of the gods, but have never known it. They are from a family of techno humans, working to create a new AI to fight the tyrannical Alpha Primus, the first AI.

The gods are pure power and feeling.

Alpha Primus is pure power and logic.

Jacb, Emly, and Aeson have to find a compromise between the two. If they don't?

Alpha Primus has developed a terrible weapon designed to destroy everyone who opposes him. It will wipe out nearly half of humanity.


Nuala Battle Fae

Paranormal Romance


Nuala Keydan has been on the battle lines of a fae war on another planet for the past decade. She made one brutal mistake. She under-estimated her enemy in an attack that left her unit scattered, and the lives of several of the people she was sworn to protect were taken.

But instead of killing her or giving her a warrior's death, her father sends her to Earth. She needs a break, he says. She's to rest up, regain herself, and get back out there, he says.

When she gets her assignment, however, she realizes that this isn't a vacation. She's been banished. She can't connect with the fae realm. Her father has cut off all communication with her.

Then she meets Caden. He's a dangerously hot werebear with a problem. His clan was hunted, and the others are as well. The werebears are nearing extinction. He needs help to stop whoever is attacking them.

And she knows who this hunter is. It is her old enemy. He's followed her to this earth and he's going after those he finds the most challenging first. He's looking for her and he won't stop until he does.

Together Nuala and Caden have to stop him. Before he destroys this world as well.


Asteroid Annie

Military Space Opera

Standalone or Series


Casey Hightower made it through boot camp. Her unit is destroyed on their first mission to the Belt. It should have been routine, but they were surprised by unknown aliens. No survivors.

Except one.

Casey is picked up by her killers--the aliens--and taken away.

Years later, a salvage crew picks up a nearly dead Casey, but she's more machine than human, and clearly dangerous to… everyone.

But she's the only person who has information to defend against the new threat coming into the galaxy. A species who gives no quarter and kills everything in its path.

Casey is all her people have. And she's going to save them. One way or another.


The Siege



The last free city on the continent of Durnham has been under a siege for a hundred years. In that time the city has remained a place of free people. Thanks to the gateways created by the Ghemail.

The last Ghemail stonemason has died. And now someone must find the power to take up the task to build more gateways to keep the surrounding areas safe. But the only Guemail left with any power are the women and they're forbidden to touch the stonemason power.

But with the dark army quickly approaching their ailing gateway, Kala is going to challenge the old ways and figure out how to harness her power. To save her family. To save her town. And anyone else she can.

But she's about to discover why the women aren't allowed to harness this powerful. And that reason could be more deadly than the approaching army.


Rose Rod

Dark UF


The Rose Sisterhood aren't scary. They are practicing witches with no powers or imagination. But when they find a black rod with a crystal at the top things change. Spells work, and they become semi-known.

Alice has the most powerful, but she wonders who the rod belonged to. It speaks to her and she's not certain she likes what she's hearing. She soon begins to wonder who the previous owner was

Her questions get answered when their "coven leader" is brutally killed. The demon who tried to hide the rod wants it back.

Alice will have to find courage and imagination if she's going to keep her life and her powers. Not to mention her other Rose Sisters lives safe.

Prime Shifter

UF Mystery or PNR Mystery/Thriller

Series or Standalone


In 1895 Calvin West went to seek his fortune in the Alaskan goldrush climbing the golden ladder to riches. He never made it. In a raging snow storm, he found a cave with strange pictures on the wall showing people changing into animals. An avalanche sealed the cave with Calvin inside.

In 2019, Detective Margo Miller is investigating a string of strange attacks, that some people are calling the Werewolf Mangler. The vampire overlords want the Mangler brought to justice. Killed, in short.

Calvin never died. The cave had been a sacred place where the chosen ones become shifters to keep vampires in check. No he's mad with hunger and the overriding need to make shifters to eliminate the vampire threat.

Margo has to figure out who this Mangler is and end the vampire threat before more innocent lives are lost. But things aren't that black and white, and the Mangler isn't the serial killer everyone seems to think he is.

Why are things never easy?


Gargoyle Protections

Paranormal Romance

Standalone or series


Bambi Freelander has been handed more than just a crappy name. She's also one of the clumsiest people she's ever known. But she's determined to save the world. One rally at a time. She just needs to get people to understand that they really were killing their planet one plastic bottle at a time. That they could recycle a bit more. Throw a bit less trash out. Reuse. Get creative.

But no one really listens to her because… well, she's easy to overlook.

That is until she meets three men who are just as strange as she is; Tanner, Ben, and Seth. They tell her that she's one of them. She's a gargoyle. And she isn't just meant to protect the world through rallies.

She's a world protector. And they have a mission. Someone is preparing to do something so massive that the effects will be felt around the globe and for generations.

But they need her to lead them.


Crow Fairy



Something is attacking Fenwin Forrest. It presents itself as a wild vine, but the flowers release a toxic poison that kills everything it touches.

The fairy queen sends Mohem and seven of her guardian sisters into the eight directions to figure out what this vine is.

What Mohem discovers leaves her shaking in fear and anger. A battle of dark magic rages along the furthest borders of the known lands and the vines are the result of the magical backlash.

She has to figure out how to protect her valley before the war of magic takes out everything she loves.


Love for Hire

Small Town Romance


Ricky Mcdaniel is new in town. His two kids are dead set on making this move a horrible experience. They miss Mom and all the fun things she used to let them do. And they don't understand why he won custody.

It was because their mother made that decision, but he's not going to tell them that yet. He knows it will break their hearts.

Amy Kim is struggling to keep her flower shop open. When she started it eight years ago, everyone was buying flowers. Now? She can't give them away. She's gotta find a way to keep the flower store open so that her insane parents can retire in peace. Not that they're giving her any.

When she meets Ricky, she knows he's different than every other man in that tiny town. Yes. He has baggage. One of his kids stomped on her toe. But… she's going to give a try anyway. What does she have to lose?


Elly's Outline

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Justice For All

Shifter UF Romance with supernatural suspense elements

Series (3-5 books)


Note: Can be customized at the buyer’s request for swapping names, cities, or race.

Shania Lyons has dreamed of protecting her city since she was young. Born into a family of mafia mobsters, she’s just never fit into their lifestyle while she was going up. So, when she runs away from home, she enrolls in the police academy and passes with flying colors.

Of course, there’s one problem.

Her greatest rival followed her.

Rizzo Simmons—a rough and tumble bear shifter—always is one step ahead of her no matter what she does. He even managed to transfer to her police precinct after graduation. To make matters worse, he’s also on the run from his past, but not like her. He seems haunted by one of his past mistakes. But trouble brews when they’re assigned to work together.

Between her bitter rivalry turned crush and her mobster father sending his associates after her, Shania will have to do everything she can to stay on the right side of the tracks.

Note: To claim, type “mine” in the comments. Please schedule with Elly on this premade concept after you claim it in the comments.


Reclaiming His Throne

Shifter UF. Can be made into a dark urban fantasy romance.

Series. 4 books


In a country where war rages, a fallen prince from Hell may be their only hope.

Fallen Crown Prince Randy Markowitz just wants what any normal human wants - to get through his week working as a bouncer, grab his biweekly paycheck, and go drinking with his war buddies without the authorities finding him. He’s a war criminal for fighting the government when they invaded his home country. However, life cannot be so simple for Randy. One day, he meets a mysterious woman who’s being chased by the army.

She hides inside his nightclub.

He ends up defending fledgeling demon princess Anastasia Murkov from the authorities, but she seems to have looked for him for some time. She offers him a deal: sign a binding contract with her and she’ll help him reclaim his lost kingdom. Refuse her and he’ll never return home. He’ll stay a war criminal forever.

Begrudgingly, he accepts.

This is the beginning of the Demon Prince’s story.

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Romeo and Juliet

PNR standalone

Vampire and werewolf PNR


For centuries, werewolves and vampires were mortal enemies - until now.

Karolina Martinez always lived up to her Alpha’s expectations and protected her home and city from all sorts of supernaturals. It led her to create her own mercenary business a few years back. While she’s reaped the rewards of being a merc for hire, she’s tired of fighting the same supernatural creatures day in and day out.

She needs a challenge.

When she gets the call about a murder of one of her pack members, Karolina is on the case. She finds out that her packmate was bitten by vampire Julian Gilder—an aristocrat in one of the highest councils of the supernatural world. Hunting him down will be her biggest challenge, but it won’t be because he’s a vampire.

He’s a looker. A smooth talker.

And a man that makes her swoon.

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Assassin’s Redemption Series

Urban Fantasy

Series: 3-4 books.


Life as a half-vampire became more difficult when Illa left the Assassin’s Guild behind.

She’s been a wanderer for as long as she can remember. The streets of New Orleans have been kind to her. She never goes hungry between the food kitchens and all the humans inhabiting the city. But one day, her old guild mate finds her and he has a message for her. Their guild master wants her to return.

Someone is killing their high-profile members and they’re afraid she’ll be next.

She answers the summons. After her return back to the guild, Illa learns why her fellow men are dying and she doesn’t like it. A government conspiracy unravels before her eyes and they’re continuing to kill her friends in the assassin’s guild. 
Soon, she has to look for outside help to stay alive.

Can Illa save her friends—and her town—before the killer finds her first? Or will she fall prey to whatever conspiracy the assassin’s guild got themselves involved in?

Note: To claim, type “mine” in the comments. Please schedule with Elly on this premade concept after you claim it in the comments.

Water Guardian

Witch UF RH

4 book series


All Misty wanted was to graduate from the academy as a competent witch...not become the guardian of another bloody hero.

When Misty graduates from the witch academy, she’s given an assignment: to watch Lukas Trevors as he lives his normal life until a hero needs to save the land again. She can do that. Every witch watches over one of the Seven Guardians’s families until they have the need for them again.

Only her job isn’t so simple.

The bad guys already found human Lukas.

When she arrives to protect him, she attracts three more men: the fabled demon Tremaine, Klaus the vampire king, and Dante the dragon prince. All of them want Lukas because of his magical blood. But they’re willing to give up their quest if she exchanges herself for Lukas.

Misty must resist their advances to protect the world but there’s one small problem.

She might fall in love with them first.

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The Chronicles of the Pirate Queen

YA Epic Fantasy



Note: Buyer has the option to expand this into their own series or add romance as a subplot.

Sasha always dreamed of leading her own expedition of pirates onto the high seas since she was a child. Her father’s stories about finding buried treasure in faraway lands motivated her whenever she felt down helping her mother manage their local tavern. On her sixteenth birthday, one of her father’s shipmates visits the tavern with bad news: her father went missing and they can’t find him.

Her mother bans her from sailing after him, but Sasha wants to find her father. So, she becomes a stowaway on a pirate ship, but she gets caught.

As she learns about the pirate life she dreamed of, they arrive on Skulk Island: a place where the Pirate Queen Isabella retired after she grew weary of finding treasure. When they land on the island, half their crew mysteriously disappears just like her father. But Sasha meets Isabella who has turned into a naga and pleads her case to her. All she wants is to find her father and to become the next Pirate Queen.

Isabella will help her for a price - become one of her naga handmaidens and she’ll return her father to her. If not, her father will remain lost forever.

Note: To claim, type “mine” in the comments. Please schedule with Elly on this premade concept after you claim it in the comments.