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Porpoise Purpose


Dani set win the swim team tournament, which would be great. The shark shifters have dominated the events for years. But when her biggest competitor turns out to be shark bait, all eyes turn on her.

Three other boys swim to her defense, and together they've gotta find out who's really behind this before the swim teams are taken out all together.



Ragina is a cast-out. Before she could walk, she had an attraction to the animals. Birds, and small forest critters were fine, even the larger domestic animals were tolerated but when wild animals killed the livestock wherever she was and the connection to her and the animas became apparent, she was cast out from her home, left to die.

She didn't die, and she became wild like the creatures that cared for her.

Years later, the same people that feared her and the things she brought to their home struck into the forest for the resources it held, they began killing the forest inhabitants, and its up to her to be the keeper of the peace of the two different worlds she belongs to.

Taking the Lead

(Romancing the Prima Donna)

RH Academy

Series 3-5 books
Ally always wanted to be a dancer, A Prima Ballerina, and her dream is well on its way when she is accepted into the Grant School of the Arts. 
When she gets there, she meets Hayden. And a pull she can’t resist. A pull which only gets stronger when he introduces her to his dance crew— Jax, Cayde, Logan, and Quincy. 
As Ally takes the lead and teaches each of them how to not just use their feet, but their hearts to woo a girl, they realize they all want the same thing. Each other. 
She doesn’t just want a dance partner. She wants a dance crew.

We'll be getting Wendy or Tammy to help with this. I'd probably make one of them lead on it, FYI.


Dystopian RH

Series - 3 books
Everyone was wrong about the date of the end of the world. It wasn’t 12/21/2012. The world thought it was safe. 
Until this morning. 
When Megyn Jones wakes up on the morning of Dec. 21, 2112 she’s expecting it to be like any other day. Breakfast, work, back home. What she isn’t expecting is to be woken up by a blast outside her house.
And then the world stops. All A.I. technology fails. No news, no communication, no transportation, no weather control. A total world collapse.
The world in chaos, she has two options. Panic or save as many as possible. 
When she comes across Dean, James, and John, joining their cause isn’t even a second thought. Find safety, rescue everyone they can, stop the end of the world. 
What they can’t control is their growing feelings for each other, as the world floods around them.

Half Life


Lissera died of apparent natural causes. Except she was young and healthy. Her family waited the three days to bury her as the mourning cycle called for, and felt her loss.

Lissera awoke to the cold earth pressing in on her, and her lungs burned for air. She clawed her way out from her grave to a world she recognized but didn’t know. The plants and animals understood her and the magics of the ley were hers to command.

Only the beasts of the world were truly a threat to her, and there were many. They never attempted to communicate, only drew weapons and tried to kill her with crude magics. Their one advantage was numbers. They were a vast horde and if they decided to all attack at once, they could certainly destroy her. They had destroyed, and taken over her home.

Then one day she found something she never hoped to see again. A man.

Together, they have to figure out why she came back this way, and to save humanity. If at all possible. There's a danger coming that only she can see. And humanity won't survive like this for much longer.

Building Hope

Contemporary romance

Luna is a high school councilor and she's on the construction board of the local high school. But the general contractor keeps coming up change after change that ads more money, taking away funding to complete the project. With school due to begin in another month, Luna is almost out of time.

But they're also out of money.

So, she does something desperate. She hires Sonny Gilbert, the high school jock and the boy of her dreams, to take a look at the budget, the plans, and the project. Her only hope is that he can see what the general contractor is doing before he bankrupts the entire project and closes the school, possibly for good.

Sonny has been waiting for his chance to show up in her life again, and now's his chance. He's not letting it go. And if that means saving her school to get her attention, well, then, that's exactly what he'll do.

First Spirits

UF/ or Fantasy

When a soul is first born, it has two shifter spirits. One is your forever spirit, and the other is a dragon spirit. These first spirits are protectors and until you can pay the price to leave it, you are a protector dragon shifter.

The dragon shifters are most commonly looked down upon as a pauper since they are unable to pay to release the dragon spirit.
Exactly two dragons have ever been caught, and those were somehow turned to stone.

Siblings Eryn and Derik are dragon shifters. Except their dragons are still encased in stone and live in constant pain from the calling of their dragon spirits.

All they have to do is figure out how to release the spirit and pay the price to release them. Easy.

But the big problem is how to get to them since the stone dragons are on display in a maximum security museum for the ultra rich.

How will the two of them recover the spirit dragons, pay the price to release them and live on with their forever spirits?

Tales of the Gold Unicorn     

PNR Romance/Comedy?

An old golden unicorn figurine possesses the powers to grant wishes or steal dreams. It holds the keys to great riches, if you’re clever enough to…

When the Gold Unicorn turns up in a magic shop and the grandmother of the owner, a witch, warns her granddaughter, Mariah, to hide the object. It’s too dangerous to sell. But Mariah needs the money. The rent and taxes are going up and Mariah isn’t as magical as the rest of her family…she needs help. Will she auction it off, risk a wish, or try to curse her ex by giving it to him? Mariah is due some luck after a humiliating breakup!

Mariah researches the figurine but when she returns to the shop, it’s missing from the safe! Now she and her magical friends/fam must track the antics of the Gold Unicorn to retrieve her property. She wants her wishes and her auction money…but word has spread and antique hunters, bounty hunters, and paras of all kinds are on the hunt!


Only the Wind Knows

Contemporary romance

Romantic thriller

Can be made paranormal

Blake was a man without a past. Sarah was a woman without a future. When their worlds collided in a secluded mountain cabin in Montana, it was only their present together that mattered.

Blake had been on the run since he was a kid. His family had run afoul of a small-town gang when they refused to pay protection money on their tiny grocery store. His dad had scattered the family, sending his brother and sister with their mom and taking Blake to a secluded mountain cabin. When his dad died ten years later, he was left with no one. And leaving the mountain meant being found. Hunted.

Sarah's cancer diagnosis meant she had to undergo extensive treatment or she wouldn't live more than two years. She wasn't sure she wanted to do it. After all, her husband had already left her and she had no other family. Maybe it was better to just head into the mountains and call it good. When she stumbled upon a cabin, its smokey chimney inviting her in on a cold evening, she didn't expect to meet the dark man inside with the haunted eyes. She didn't expect to fall in love so fast.

And when Sarah gets sick and needs to be taken down the mountain, Blake has a choice. Taker her, save her, and face his past or stay on the mountain and lose the only future he might have.




The world ended over a hundred years ago, but the King family hasn't felt the impact protected as they are on their mountain island in the heart of Alaska.

But when their valley starts being overrun by other humans, they have to figure out what is going on. They have the resources to support their family for generations to come. But they can't help all these humans.

Or the trouble that comes with them. When they discover what's driving everyone to their valley, they know their time of peace has come to an end one way or the other.

Fire for the Trees

Shifter romance

Justus lost his clan in a forest fire that left him scarred and alone. He could have found another clan, but he and his bear find the touch of others painful.

That is until he sees the lovely Kaiya. She's the new forest ranger and she's set to patrol his area. She's helping to track down the bear that's been reported in this area, and Justus finds that his bear is drawn to her in every way.

Kaiya was called out because she's a healer, but not just any kind of healer. She heals the big wounds, like burn scars on a mountain. The powers that be know that Justus is out there and that he's dangerously close to fully merging with his bear. If he does, he'll become rabid and they'll be forced to put him down.

Kaiya's job is to assess if he can be saved. If not, she has to be the one to put him down. But when she meets him, she knows there's nothing in this world that would make her do that.

Big Bully Beat-Down

Contemporary Romance

Jayden is a distinguished reporter for one the of the biggest newspapers of the country. She has a press pass to nearly every event she wants, and she can have her pick of any story.

So, when she hears that Graham White is in town, looking to build his reputation and his firm, she knows she has to do everything in her power to take him down. The high school bully doesn't get to beat her down and then walk into her town and lay claim to it.

But she doesn't count on the fact that things have changed. What used to make him a bully, he's now turned toward good. And she's about to discover that some slights should be put to rest.

Graham is drawn to this city to be with Jayden. His twelve steps involve apologizing to a lot of people, and she's on the list. But she's on another one, too. If he can figure out a way to get through to her, she'd see that he's more than just another bully. He had a plan. It just happened to be a bad one. Well, he's learned since then. He'll make her see that.

Wanted: Undead or Alive

PNR Romance/ UF?

Margo is a vintage vampire—she’s turned gorgeous men and enjoyed them for centuries. But when the vampires she’s sired begin getting dusted one after another, she gets worried. Who is behind it? Rumor has it a new vampire hunter is in town and he’s just her type…

Can she turn him? Stop him? Is he behind the deaths or is it another one of her sires who wanted to be her one and only? Men get jealous, even the undead ones. She just wants her Mr. Right…and not to end up a pile of dust!


Nuala Battle Fae

Paranormal Romance


Nuala Keydan has been on the battle lines of a fae war on another planet for the past decade. She made one brutal mistake. She under-estimated her enemy in an attack that left her unit scattered, and the lives of several of the people she was sworn to protect were taken.

But instead of killing her or giving her a warrior's death, her father sends her to Earth. She needs a break, he says. She's to rest up, regain herself, and get back out there, he says.

When she gets her assignment, however, she realizes that this isn't a vacation. She's been banished. She can't connect with the fae realm. Her father has cut off all communication with her.

Then she meets Caden. He's a dangerously hot werebear with a problem. His clan was hunted, and the others are as well. The werebears are nearing extinction. He needs help to stop whoever is attacking them.

And she knows who this hunter is. It is her old enemy. He's followed her to this earth and he's going after those he finds the most challenging first. He's looking for her and he won't stop until he does.

Together Nuala and Caden have to stop him. Before he destroys this world as well.


The Siege



The last free city on the continent of Durnham has been under a siege for a hundred years. In that time the city has remained a place of free people. Thanks to the gateways created by the Ghemail.

The last Ghemail stonemason has died. And now someone must find the power to take up the task to build more gateways to keep the surrounding areas safe. But the only Guemail left with any power are the women and they're forbidden to touch the stonemason power.

But with the dark army quickly approaching their ailing gateway, Kala is going to challenge the old ways and figure out how to harness her power. To save her family. To save her town. And anyone else she can.

But she's about to discover why the women aren't allowed to harness this powerful. And that reason could be more deadly than the approaching army.


The Gods Descended


Standalone or series


In early 1963, just before the Space Race began, the Pantheon descended to Earth to reclaim what was once theirs. Humanity split into two camps. One kept to the new gods of science and pushed out toward space and mechanical gods of their own making. The other went to the odl gods and were granted great magical abilities.

In 2204, a secret society driven to merge the two made an AI born of tech and magic has taken control of the techno humans, and has killed several of the gods.

Triplets Jacb and his sisters, Emly and Aeson, were born with the power of the gods, but have never known it. They are from a family of techno humans, working to create a new AI to fight the tyrannical Alpha Primus, the first AI.

The gods are pure power and feeling.

Alpha Primus is pure power and logic.

Jacb, Emly, and Aeson have to find a compromise between the two. If they don't?

Alpha Primus has developed a terrible weapon designed to destroy everyone who opposes him. It will wipe out nearly half of humanity.




Sarah Gallo joins an expedition team to the newly terraformed planet Rai. She knows of a secret base with a treasure. She has no idea what it is. She only knows that if she can get it off the planet, she will get enough script to keep her fat and happy for a lifetime.

But when she gets there, she discovers that the terraforming didn't go exactly as planned and traveling the planet is extremely unsafe. She knows how to save everyone. But she either saves them or grabs the treasure and runs.

Who needs to be happy for a lifetime anyway?

Fae Get You Not


Standalone – could be made into a series

Helen is the gatekeeper of the fae. Well, the Fae Realm, but it may as well be the same thing to her. Check papers, make sure nothing magical gets left in the mortal realm, and nothing from the mortal realm gets in that can cause harm in the fae realm. 
Everyday it’s the same thing. Routine. Just how she likes. Until Jason shows up at the portal, trying to smuggle out an exotic creature. He’s claims it’s to save it, but she’s heard every reason under the sun for a fae to bring a magical creature through the portal.
Except this time, he’s right. If he doesn’t get the creature out of the fae realm, it will be the total collapse of not just the fae, but mortal, realms. 
Helen has to decide if it’s worth deserting her post, and freezing the portal, to help Jason save the realm. Before everyone forgets each other.

One-Night Save

Shifter Romance

Trevin has been on the run for a long time now. Ever since that one fateful night. And now, nowhere is safe. They hunt him and seem to find him no matter where he hides.

So, when he meets Dixie at a local bar, he knows it's a bad idea. But he's a desperate man trying to feel one moment of living again. He knows he's not long for this world. But he's going to live it as long as he can.

Dixie has been working that same bar for the last two years, putting herself through college one shot at a time. She knows Trevin's type; the lone wolf straggler. So, she knows what she's getting herself into when she agrees to a one-night stand.

What she doesn't count on are the hunters who break down her door and try to kill them both.

Hunters? Banging on her door? Trevin might be a lone wolf, but Dixie was trained by the best bounty hunter out there. Those hunters won't know what hit them.

Good Witch Rescue

UF/ PNR Thriller?

Jane’s a solo werewitch (half witch, half wolf shifter) with a ranch full of homeless familiars in the wilds of Nevada. She and her staff live off the grid on magical powers. They take in real animals with nowhere to go as well as lost witches who need to balance their powers. She insists on staying on the good side of magic and fighting evil. Her crew is shifters, witches, and other quirky misfits.

Their secret mission is rescuing witches or shifters taken by evil groups—plenty of little dark covens or magical cults have popped up. Some torture and use good paras as well as humans. Jane’s group does their best to liberate the paras and humans from the clutches of evil—when one of her ex-boyfriends is running a dark cult, it gets really personal and far more dangerous!


The Games Fairies Play

Paranormal romance

Or cozy mystery

Or mystery UF thriller

Chrys Murphy has it all. She’s a top reporter at a major online paper, lives in a ritzy apartment in the city, and has a handsome, loving boyfriend named Stuart. She’s got lots of friends to party with and makes enough money to keep herself in the fanciest of shoes, which she loves.

But when Stuart goes missing under strangely paranormal conditions, she has a choice to make. Rely on the human police force to find him—which she can tell by the crime scene evidence that suggests he was taken by fairies is highly unlikely to happen—or use the abilities she’s hidden since she was a child to kick some supernatural ass and take a few names.

Because Chrys(anthemum) is a pretty powerful Fae. She has wings and everything. In fact, her Fae family is royalty, and she was supposed to be queen eventually. Over the years, those in her old world have tried to entice her back in, but she’s resisted, thumbing her nose at her heritage.

Still, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and if she finds out that sweet Stuart was taken as a way to get at her, someone’s going to pay hell for it.


Prime Shifter

UF Mystery or PNR Mystery/Thriller

Series or Standalone


In 1895 Calvin West went to seek his fortune in the Alaskan goldrush climbing the golden ladder to riches. He never made it. In a raging snow storm, he found a cave with strange pictures on the wall showing people changing into animals. An avalanche sealed the cave with Calvin inside.

In 2019, Detective Margo Miller is investigating a string of strange attacks, that some people are calling the Werewolf Mangler. The vampire overlords want the Mangler brought to justice. Killed, in short.

Calvin never died. The cave had been a sacred place where the chosen ones become shifters to keep vampires in check. No he's mad with hunger and the overriding need to make shifters to eliminate the vampire threat.

Margo has to figure out who this Mangler is and end the vampire threat before more innocent lives are lost. But things aren't that black and white, and the Mangler isn't the serial killer everyone seems to think he is.

Why are things never easy?


Tree of Change

Dark UF 

Could be turned to dark PNR


The Tree of Change gives all who pass an incredible gift. A shifter spirit.

Each year, a race is held and those who make it to the tree are tested. Some pass. Some don't. Some die. Some live.

Alysa is nervous. She needs this to work. Her son needs her to become more powerful, to protect him from those who are hunting them. Trophy hunters who are eager to take her half-blood son and sell him on the black market. But when she reaches the tree, she stops. Something doesn't feel right.

And then the tree speaks to her. Only one word. "Help."

The tree is dying and this race is slowly destroying her. Does Alysa do what she must in order to protect her son?

Or does she save the tree and possibly bring even more danger to her, her son… and to everyone she holds dear?


Love for Hire

Small Town Romance


Ricky Mcdaniel is new in town. His two kids are dead set on making this move a horrible experience. They miss Mom and all the fun things she used to let them do. And they don't understand why he won custody.

It was because their mother made that decision, but he's not going to tell them that yet. He knows it will break their hearts.

Amy Kim is struggling to keep her flower shop open. When she started it eight years ago, everyone was buying flowers. Now? She can't give them away. She's gotta find a way to keep the flower store open so that her insane parents can retire in peace. Not that they're giving her any.

When she meets Ricky, she knows he's different than every other man in that tiny town. Yes. He has baggage. One of his kids stomped on her toe. But… she's going to give a try anyway. What does she have to lose?

Rose Rod

Dark UF


The Rose Sisterhood aren't scary. They are practicing witches with no powers or imagination. But when they find a black rod with a crystal at the top things change. Spells work, and they become semi-known.

Alice has the most powerful, but she wonders who the rod belonged to. It speaks to her and she's not certain she likes what she's hearing. She soon begins to wonder who the previous owner was

Her questions get answered when their "coven leader" is brutally killed. The demon who tried to hide the rod wants it back.

Alice will have to find courage and imagination if she's going to keep her life and her powers. Not to mention her other Rose Sisters lives safe.


Elly's Outlines

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Either way is completely fine, though. She currently has 1&Done availability in June and open availibility starting the second week in July.


Epic fantasy

Princess Ashoka’s Legacy

Series. 3 books.
Names can be changed at the author’s discretion. Can also be made into an

adult epic fantasy

Princess Ashoka has always been taught one thing: when she turns 18, she will replace her father on the Crimson Throne because he cannot rule Calsaia for much longer. But that’s not the life she wants. She feels she’s meant for a greater destiny—another purpose that actually means something.

In order to be Queen, she must accept her destiny as a matriarch to the people first. However, in order to accept herself, she must solve a personal crisis that has bothered her since childhood. She wants to restore magic to Calsaia and stop the long two hundred war between the four royal houses across the nations.

But someone doesn’t want her to succeed. And the traitor? Well, it may be someone she trusts...someone she least expects inside her own ranks.

Still, Ashoka will overcome this small obstacle. She knows her destiny: to become the next future Queen her kingdom needs.

To claim this concept, type “mine” in the comments and schedule with Elly. 

Devil Fallen


Standalone Dark Romance

Can also be PNR romantic suspense series of three books.

Lucifer has gotten bored. He's looking for someone to keep him company. The only stipulation? They can't be 100% bad.

Or that was what he thought until he met Shelly Peterson.

Sweet innocent Shelly. Avenger of women. She didn't mean to kill the first one. He fell off the stair landing when she pushed him back.

Since then she hasn't been able to get rid of the guy following her. He claims he's the devil. And she's tried. Everything. Even the police can't get rid of him.

He gives her an ultimatum. One date with him, or he turns her in. A night in jail almost looks better than a date with him. Until she sees his car. She agrees to go with him, and her world spirals out of control from there.

Can they stop themselves before they create full-blown Hell on Earth?

Justice For All

Shifter UF Romance with supernatural suspense elements

Series (3-5 books)


Note: Can be customized at the buyer’s request for swapping names, cities, or race.

Shania Lyons has dreamed of protecting her city since she was young. Born into a family of mafia mobsters, she’s just never fit into their lifestyle while she was going up. So, when she runs away from home, she enrolls in the police academy and passes with flying colors.

Of course, there’s one problem.

Her greatest rival followed her.

Rizzo Simmons—a rough and tumble bear shifter—always is one step ahead of her no matter what she does. He even managed to transfer to her police precinct after graduation. To make matters worse, he’s also on the run from his past, but not like her. He seems haunted by one of his past mistakes. But trouble brews when they’re assigned to work together.

Between her bitter rivalry turned crush and her mobster father sending his associates after her, Shania will have to do everything she can to stay on the right side of the tracks.

Note: To claim, type “mine” in the comments. Please schedule with Elly on this premade concept after you claim it in the comments.


Romeo and Juliet

PNR standalone

Vampire and werewolf PNR


For centuries, werewolves and vampires were mortal enemies - until now.

Karolina Martinez always lived up to her Alpha’s expectations and protected her home and city from all sorts of supernaturals. It led her to create her own mercenary business a few years back. While she’s reaped the rewards of being a merc for hire, she’s tired of fighting the same supernatural creatures day in and day out.

She needs a challenge.

When she gets the call about a murder of one of her pack members, Karolina is on the case. She finds out that her packmate was bitten by vampire Julian Gilder—an aristocrat in one of the highest councils of the supernatural world. Hunting him down will be her biggest challenge, but it won’t be because he’s a vampire.

He’s a looker. A smooth talker.

And a man that makes her swoon.

Note: To claim, type “mine” in the comments. Please schedule with Elly on this premade concept after you claim it in the comments.

From Outlaw to Humanity’s Salvation


3 book series. Can be expanded. Names can be changed at the author’s discretion.
**Buyer has the option to add romance (including a romance with space aliens) or a world-building package with this order.

Being an outlaw hadn’t always been Paul Stevens’s career choice, but it’s the only job he’s ever known after his family were labeled traitors of the Lunar Council. He’s explored almost every place in the galaxy and never planned on switching professions until Captain Rowe captures him on her exploratory starship Winged Edge. He knows the price from stealing from a government vessel: jail or death.

But the captain makes him an offer he can’t refuse. He can join her crew or never know the fleeting taste of freedom again. So, Paul joins Rowe’s crew. He doesn’t realize the fleet he joined is a one-way ticket or that it’s a warship tasked with defending the citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The only way for Paul to survive is to either rise in the ranks or to escape Captain Rowe’s ship. But little does he know that he’ll become the catalyst for his race or new crew’s survival...

To claim this concept, type “mine” in the comments and schedule with Elly. 

The Blood Oath Society

PNR Dark Romance

Option for a standalone or series. If made into a series, it would revolve around different couples within a main series story plot line within the Blood Oath Society.

Sierra McIntyre always knew her place in the aristocratic court: informant, noble—and sometimes—an assassin for hire. She never shirked from those duties because she grew up into the Blood Oath Society from her parents, and later, followed her master and sire into the organization. So, when her boss gives Sierra her latest target—a lawyer who witnessed him killing someone else, she’s happy to take the job. It seems like an open and shut case.

But there’s more to this target than her boss originally shared with her. And she’s got another nasty surprise. Every time she encounters him, she cannot bring herself to kill him. Either he’s using a charm spell, or she’s fallen in love.

Neither option looks favorable for her when she realizes there’s no way she can allow him to live.

Michel Petrov never thought he’d become entangled in a scandal in the aristocratic court when he witnessed a murder at his boss’s office. The poor junior lawyer came to deliver some important documents to one of the partners of the company. However, he knows he saw the dead body draped over his desk before he hurried back into his office and reported the murder to the police. Now, he’s pretty sure his boss wants him dead. And his new girlfriend Sierra doesn’t help his growing suspicions with her distant behavior.

Now, it’s a race against time with Sierra and Michel’s lives on the line.

Either their newfound love will preserve or money will become the root of all evil.



Contemporary Romance

Standalone but has the possibility for a series with revolving secondary characters. This is up to the buyer.

Annabelle: Coffee shops, restaurants, stores. My life is nothing but the mall. I need a change in my life. I need a Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet and possibly out of this one limo town.

When I lay eyes on Draco Jones I know my luck is about to change. Handsome, bad boy, different. Everything I want.

And I am going to get him.

Draco: I was done with women. All they wanted was my money and my looks. I was leaving this town and everything behind. When Hillary White begs me to take her with me, I resist at first.

I didn't need the drama that followed girls like her. If it wasn't for the manners my mother had instilled in me, I would have left her standing on the side of the road. But something pulled me to her. A sense of adventure I was missing that I so desperately needed.

Was it time for us to put our issues behind and reach out for something more?


Private Eye Walters

Romantic suspense

Standalone that can be expanded into a three book series. This can be flipped to start with the woman’s POV first if the buyer wishes. Names can be changed at the author’s discretion.

Retired military agent Dave Walters cannot stand early retirement, so after the service, he becomes a private eye. It gives him enough excitement while paying the bills, but he’s always wanted to settle down with a woman who can keep up with his active lifestyle.

Life answers his prayers in a misguided way when his new client Emily Fabina walks into his office and gives him three thousand in cash to find her missing son. She even offers to help him on one condition: he doesn’t tell a single soul she hired him. If anyone questions him about her, he should tell them she left town.

Since she has such an odd request, he digs deeper into her past, and finds out she’s the key witness to an upcoming murder trial. She turned down the offer for witness protection because she’d have to give up custody of her thirteen-year-old son. Reed wonders if she did the right thing, but doesn’t have time to judge Emily’s choices because whoever is trying to kill her has made him a target, too. At this point, he’s got a vested interest in protecting his client so he can get a steady paycheck.

However, she stole one thing: his heart.

To claim this concept, type “mine” in the comments and schedule with Elly. 

From Kingpin’s Daughter to Cop


Can be made into UFR or Romantic Suspense

Dark Mafia romance

This can either be a standalone or a series. If made into a series as a paranormal romance, it would revolve around different couples within a main series story plot line. Otherwise, the series would follow the same characters. This can be made into contemporary romance without the PNR elements if buyer wishes. 

Names of characters can be changed at author’s discretion.

Desiree Michaels never wanted to be the daughter of a kingpin or a bloody demon.

When she turns 21, Desiree leaves Detroit and abandons her life, her identity, and her arranged marriage to become the one thing her father hated: a cop. She does this under a different identity to make sure no one catches her or implicates her for her father’s crimes.

But the past cannot be easily buried. Her first case throws her back to her roots when she finds out one of her colleagues was murdered by a crooked cop. When she meets enforcer Victor Turpin, she feels something for him—a fated bond—something she’s only heard of happening with shifters.

Not half-demons like her.

Meanwhile, shifter Victor Turpin only had one job—clean up the mess his associate left by keeping a traitorous cop alive. The assignment itself goes fine until he locks eyes with Desiree Michaels. He’s sworn he’s seen her before, but he’s not sure from where. He only knows one thing: he has to see her again.

But her deadly past might prevent them from ever being together if her father finds her.

Water Guardian

Witch UF RH

4 book series


All Misty wanted was to graduate from the academy as a competent witch...not become the guardian of another bloody hero.

When Misty graduates from the witch academy, she’s given an assignment: to watch Lukas Trevors as he lives his normal life until a hero needs to save the land again. She can do that. Every witch watches over one of the Seven Guardians’s families until they have the need for them again.

Only her job isn’t so simple.

The bad guys already found human Lukas.

When she arrives to protect him, she attracts three more men: the fabled demon Tremaine, Klaus the vampire king, and Dante the dragon prince. All of them want Lukas because of his magical blood. But they’re willing to give up their quest if she exchanges herself for Lukas.

Misty must resist their advances to protect the world but there’s one small problem.

She might fall in love with them first.

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