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Update May 18, 2020

This turned out to be a good exercise because it shows you who you've collected over the years, but it's not neccessarily great to determine who your ideal reader should be. There are better articles that discuss that on the blog. This isn't it.

Before you make contact

The challenge this week is going to be contacting your readers. Yes. I know that’s going to suck because we’re heading into the Holidays. Yes, yes. But give them a couple of weeks. You’re working on back-end things right now anyway. You’re writing and editing and building websites—which we need to discuss—and the structural things you need for the coming year.

So, build.

However, before you contact them, ask yourself a few things:

  • What books am I publishing—or want to publish—next year?

  • What is my brand and what does it promise?

  • What is my promise to my readers?

  • Why should they care to invest in me this year?

  • What kind of fun, easy, free content can I offer to provide them consistently throughout the year?

  • How can I make this fun?

  • How can I engage them with only 30 minutes a week?

  • How can I build relationships with them easily and effectively?

Once you have those questions answered to give you a little focus on your personal intent, you can then ask them for information.


  • Age

  • Education level

  • Economy level (very important and delicate, but it helps define what they need from you)

  • Race/nationality

  • Special interests (political standings, hot topics, interracial relationships, equality, etc)

  • Hobbies

  • Hobbies

  • Why do they like your writing?

  • Other genres they enjoy?

  • What other pop culture references do they enjoy (because we speak in pop culture.)

  • Do they like videos?

  • Technology stance (how familiar are they with it and how open to using it are they?)

  • Are they open to receiving text alerts as long as there are only a max of (_) a month?

  • Are they interested in an app?

  • Where do they get most of their social media engagement: FB, Twitter, IG, etc.

  • Are they on their phone, tablet, or computer most times?

Questions to ask yourself as you’re creating your list

Remember that you need to remain relevant to you and to your reader. This isn't just a fun game. This is a game-changer.

  • What books are calling to my soul and what are a few ways I think I could touch the souls of my readers?

  • How will my brand help my reader? Who do I think my ideal reader is?

  • How will your promise touch your reader in a place or way they can’t ignore?

  • When you’re reaching out to them, what are you going to remind them so that they care enough to answer your questionnaire?

  • When I send them the questionnaire, what ideas can I throw out there to tease them into being interested and excited? How can I make this consistent without killing me?

  • How can I make this a fun experience for my potential ideal reader?

  • How do I feel about building relationships with them?


Develop your line of questions and ask a few of your top responders this list of questions.

Do not send this to your entire mailing list.

Compile the answers and then you’ll have a better idea of how to attack your marketing.

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