So, a few authors have tried the Pinterest challenge in 2019. 

They've come to one conclusion. 

Pinterest doesn't work great for making money. 

So, what they've discovered is that people go to Pinterest to pin "ideas" or to get free content. But they're not looking to spend money when they're perusing the boards. 

They're just looking for neat information, great pictures, and things to spark their interest. 

So, if you're looking to market your books on Pinterest, the word through experience and paid advertising is that it doesn't work. 

But what it is doing is helping to get some name and/or cover recognition out there. 

The authors who have used it successfully state that if they shifted the focus of their Pinterest investment away from selling books to just getting people excited about their world or their characters or fun projects they can do that are character/world centric, that they grew an organic reach. When they focused their boards in this way, they did see a small uptick in sales. 

However, they did state that the uptick was small still, and that the investment of time was still heavy. 

What are your thoughts on Pinterest? 

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