Greatest Author Pain

Authors experience a lot of pain. We lack time. We lack attention. We lack confidence. We lack a lot of things, and sometimes, we’ll have a great day, sit down to write, and feel so miserable we can’t focus on creating words.

Habits play a large part in our success or failure as authors.

In the Real Indie Author community, we discuss how to assess which habits you need to address and how to make them work for you.

We work together to figure out what each of us individually need to change and then we work together to make it happen. The habits we look at focus around creation management, environment, prioritization, fixing procrastination, and much more.

I literally cannot stress this enough!

Update May 18, 2020: As I roll out the new site, we'll be moving these discussions to the group discussion on this site. Yes! I figured it out. I think.


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