Discounted Packages

We all know that publishing a book takes a lot of parts and pieces, and there are times when you don't have the time to do it all yourself. However, when you go to one service provider to buy one thing, and then another service provider for the next, you realize at the end that your bill can be pretty stiff. 

At Real Indie Author, we've done it all so we can do it all for you. And when you bundle, you save. 

Need a cover and an edit? 

Need a cover and a format and some ad assistance? 

Need a format and reviews and some help with your newsletter?

Need someone to walk you through your first time publishing?

See what kind of packages we have and which one would be a good fit for you. 


A $400 Value for


Need a little help creatively? Let's work together to get those juices flowing!  

  • A world-building sesssion or character-building session
  • A plotting session
  • Two standard character banners
  • A cover

A $450 Value for


Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the publishing details? This package is for you!

  • A format for epub and paperback
  • A cover, including flat and 3D
  • Help with set-up with your Vendors
    • This can be one-on-one time over the phone
    • This can be a shared screen where you follow along with what I do

A $290 Value for


Is marketing overwhelming you? This package could help!

  • A graphics package that include Bookbub, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • An ad demographic that is taylored to your needs
    • Need to target Nook or iTunes? 
    • Need to target a particular demographic like veterans or lovers of dogs? 
  • 2 hour-long marketing consulations on the phone or  Skype
Packages - Yellow.jpg

A $360 Value for


New to the indie author scene? Need help building up your platform? 

  • A website consult (review of your website and its performance)
  • A logo
  • A branding consulation
  • A career consulation
Packages - Editing.jpg

A $2,000 Value for


Are edits (and their cost) getting you down? 

  • A content edit (up to 80K)
  • A line edit (up to 80K)
Packages - Reviews.jpg

A $200 Value for


Struggling to manage your reviewers or trying to get new ones?  

  • Set up your current reviewers so they're easy to manage
  • Send your book to my 200+ (and growing) list of reviewers
  • Help you build a strong ARC team