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It can be a little daunting for some people to plot out their entire book. 

It can be even more terrifying to have someone else do it for you or with you. 

My Process

I work in OneNote

OneNote comes free in your Microsoft Office Suite and can be found on OneDrive. The first thing I do is have you create your OneNote and share it to 

Then, open up a summary page and start spewing your ideas as organically as they come. 

Next step: Organization

Then, I go through and organize what you have, taking notes. If you've done your own world building, I break out your notes into sections; characters, setting, history, summaries, and editor notes. 


Outlining is the next step. We can do one book at a time or all of them. It's really up to you. I generally do 1-2 outlines a day and no more than that. They can range from 1500 - 4500 words for a standard-length novel. 

You review it, make notes, and then we finalize it! Easy-peasy!


Outline methods used

Lots of people only know of one outlining method and that's predominantly the three-acts novel. There are many more. Depending on your book and what you choose to focus on, Cat Goes to the Movies, Romancing the Beat, or even Hero's or Heroine's Journey might be the best way to go. And, sometimes, it's best to use a mix of two. 

How long, what genre, and chapter length

It's important to know your projected word length, your genre, whether you plan to have romance and/or sex, and how long your chapters are. 

This information is used to plot out a general layout of your outline and the beats we need to hit. 

The Formulaic approach

I can honestly say that, yes, there is a formulae to this, but no two outlines I've written to date have been the same. 

The creativity still has to come from you.

Very happy with the outlining service. I worked with Frankie and basically gave her two paragraphs about the world and the names of my MCs and within about two hours of working together, we had developed a full 30 chapter outline.
10/10, would recommend.
— Amanda Roberts
Very, very happy with the outline service for an upcoming 60k contemporary romance. I gave Frankie the barest bones of the story and characters, and in less than an hour, she had the main beats mapped out for me. I’d definitely recommend!
— Jen McConnell