I’m Frankie Jo Blooding and I try really hard to keep class fun. Well, I try to keep everything fun.

I’ve been in the indie-publishing field since the beginning. When others said ebooks would never take off, I laughed in their faces, then ran and hid to shiver in fear, hoping it would.

I’m not a rocking success, but there are things I excel in. I’ll share with you my failures, my successes, and ways for you to become better in this industry a lot faster than I did.


How is Outlining Hard?

There are many reasons outlining can be hard for you:

  1. I have a hard time focusing

  2. I struggle to stay on task

  3. I’m frustrated with the way the story is going

  4. I can’t see the big picture

  5. I couldn’t find a beat with a drum stick

  6. Writing to an outline just doesn’t feel organic.

  7. I have no time!

Does this sound like you?

How does this class help?

We don’t just jump in and tackle beat sheets and templates right away. We deal with the root causes of what might be holding you back.

I arm you with tools to keep you moving forward. We discuss discipline, developing good habits, creating good metrics, and how to keep yourself organized. We’re not simply focusing on how to write amzing outlines. We’re looking at how to help you build a lasting indie-author career through good project management.

And then we go into how to create an amazing outline no matter if you’re a plotter or a pantser.


What you get

In this class, you will be armed with powerful information that will not only assist you with creating amazing outlines to help you write better faster, but you’ll learn things that will assist you in managing your author career.

The best way to write better faster is with great project management and amazing outlines.

What’s included in this class

  1. Video tutorials

  2. PDF transcripts and slides

  3. Over (11) outline beat sheet templates

  4. Over (11) beat sheet chapter/wc calculators

  5. Proven system to help any author create amazing outlines, no matter your experience or plotting vs pantzing capabilities.

Ready to get started?

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If you do not recieve the welcome link, let me know by contacting me on FB.

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