The RIA Outliners


Frankie Jo

Frankie has been publishing since 2001. She discovered outlining later in her career after having failed at structuring novels too many times to count. She’s a person who paves new roads if she can’t find them. So, when she discovered her failure, she sought solutions.

She’s been outlining now for about eight years, and has been working with other authors on their outlines since 2017 when she was fired for the last time from construction for “making the men on her team feel uncomfortable.”

She was a project manager in the construction world and those same skills are applied in all of her RIA work. She likes to run a tidy ship and comes unglued when things get unorganized and chaotic. I wish she was kidding, but she’s not.

Her strengths are sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, cozy mysteries (after a brutal failure of epic proportions, we can now count this one as a win), thrillers, family dramas, dystopians, MG, young reader, and anything that isn’t too romantic.

Her weakness is romance. We won’t even bother with noting which types of romances are her weakness. They all are. She doesn’t have a romantic bone in her entire body. But she has a team of others to assist to include her husband.

Elly Whittaker.jpg

Elly Whittaker

Elly started writing at fourteen, when she wrote her first video game fanfiction. Now, she spends her time either helping others come up with cool stories for their readers, writing her own novels, or just moves around the country a lot. Currently she resides in Texas with her boyfriend and two rambunctious cats who are always plotting to take over the world from her recliner or an empty box.

Prior to becoming a professional outliner, she learned about the writing business through working at various bookstores, making books inside Amazon’s Print-On-Demand department, and through offering personal assistant services to Indie authors. A number of her clients have been USA Today bestselling authors who have written in various genres.

Currently, she writes her urban fantasy, supernatural suspense, and paranormal romance books under E.M. Whittaker. By the end of the year, she plans to branch out to reverse harem (within those same genres) under the pen name Natalia Kelvin.

Elly’s strengths include writing outlines in the following genres: urban fantasy, supernatural suspense, paranormal romance, reverse harem in various genres, young adult, new adult, fantasy romance, epic fantasy, cozy mysteries (including paranormals), thrillers, and romantic suspense (including some mafia romance).

Outliners in Training


Tammy came to us through another client who was struggling to find a good outliner fit. That totally happens sometimes. This is tough, finding a good outliner match.

Tammy writes romance, with her strength lying in contemporary. She can do Regency as well.

She provides a lot of detail in her outlines, and there’s very little to question.

Her weakness is the basic outline. She cannot do a basic outline to save her life.


Wendy has been doing outlines for several years and actually has her own outline business that she intends on restarting. We’re giving her a little bit of insight to the current market and trends, and giving her some of the knowledge on how we do things, hoping to bolster her on her career path. She currently intends to continue to work with RIA as she gradually builds her own business.

Her strength is romance of every genre. Maybe not tentacle porn, but we’ll see when that comes up again.

She is also the go-to gal when romance is needed as a thread in one of Frankie’s plot-driven outlines.