Review Existing Outlines


Do you have an outline that needs help?

Sometimes, we find outselves with an outline that just needs help, but we’re not certain what to do with it? Throw it out? Try to fix it on our own?

One of the most common questions I am asked is if I review outlines.

The answer is simple. I do.


Levels of Review

Read & Review

The read and review is the most basic.

I read what you have and I make notes to guide you in reworking the outline to make it stronger. I point out areas what are weak or slow, or threads that seemed to have fallen.

Read & Modify

If you want me to just do the work to make the outline better, I will read what you have and modify it to what you need.

However, if the outline needs to be re-written, then we will need to talk.

Read & Complete

This is for the outline that’s almost done, but just needs a little more help to complete it. There might be missing chapters spread throughout. Or it might be missing most of the last half.

I go in, read what you have, and complete the rest.

Outline Review

Review Outline Option 1

  • Read & Review

Review outline option 2

  • Read & Review
  • Modify

Review Outline Option 3

  • Read & Review
  • Modify
  • Complete
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