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Other Providers

Other Providers

You may think it's silly that we include links to other service providers, but it's not. The indie author community is large and you should do your due deligence to ensure you're getting the right services for your book! We want you to succeed! 

So...go out and do that! It's time to let your superhero flag fly and be that rockstar Real Indie Author you've always dreamed of becoming!

I think I'm going to revamp this page a bit and broaden it out. We're getting so many FANTASTIC links to some pretty AMAZING service providers, and I want to showcase them a little better than what we have right here. This...was a good start. LOL! But it will take time, so be on the look-out. 

Promotion Sites

Need a to promote your book and not sure where to look? 

Well, try one of these: 

(I'm still working on getting links to all of them. They're being linked as I test-drive them).

I'll post updates and numbers when I have them. 

Normal Priced

Fussy Librarian - Must have 10 reviews, priced $5.99 or less

Book Barbarian - 10 reviews, $2.99 or less, only first-in-series, wide, Fantasy/Sci-Fi only, booked out 2 months in advance.

eBook Betty - 10+ reviews, $2.99 or less

Book Shark - Can do full-priced promo for 2-week-old releases. They're expensive.

Booksbutterfly - Extremely poor reviews. Warnings from fellow indies: Stay away!

Ebookaroo - You have to be willing to share to your NL.

Reign of Reads - You have to pay before you can schedule. 

Dragon Realm Press - Don't know what genres people are in. They might all be grouped together. 




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