Promotion Sites

Need a to promote your book and not sure where to look? 

Well, try one of these: 

(I'm still working on getting links to all of them. They're being linked as I test-drive them).

I'll post updates and numbers when I have them. 

Normal Priced

Fussy Librarian - Must have 10 reviews, priced $5.99 or less

Book Barbarian - 10 reviews, $2.99 or less, only first-in-series, wide, Fantasy/Sci-Fi only, booked out 2 months in advance.

eBook Betty - 10+ reviews, $2.99 or less

Book Shark - Can do full-priced promo for 2-week-old releases. They're expensive.

Booksbutterfly - Extremely poor reviews. Warnings from fellow indies: Stay away!

Ebookaroo - You have to be willing to share to your NL.

Reign of Reads - You have to pay before you can schedule. 

Dragon Realm Press - Don't know what genres people are in. They might all be grouped together. 



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