Making the Plan to Stay Healthy

Photo by ridvan_celik/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ridvan_celik/iStock / Getty Images

I think 2017 was the Year of the Dying Author. I'm not saying that to mean. I'm not. But there were days and weeks when I would log onto Facebook and Twitter and it was like stepping onto 

As authors, we work ourselves past normal limits. We work longer hours. We sit for ridiculous amounts of time. We push ourselves harder than almost anyone else I know. 

You have no idea how much of a  toll that takes on your body until you're 41-years-old and you feel like you've gone nine rounds with a pro-boxer. And all you've done is type 10,000 words. And those are only the words you can count. That doesn't count the blog posts, and the FB posts, and messages, and the...everything else. 

I'm all about staying healthy physically. Okay. Let me take that back. I'm all about telling others how to stay healthy physically. I suck at doing it myself. I'm starting two businesses ahead of schedule. I'm working stupid hours. There are a billion reasons to fail and be okay with that. 

However, I'm starting this corner to discuss things we can do as busier-than-hell authors and service providers to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I'm tired of seeing all of my friends working themselves to death. And...I can feel it coming for me, as well. 

Elly Whittaker, as some of you know as my wonderful PA, will be coming in and doing Mental Health posts! This is something of a passion for her. She's got a lot of great information for you. I'm terribly excited about it. And I'm really glad she's taken this up. I have the tactfulness of a rhino. I mean well. My heart is huge, but I sound like a buffoon when I'm "trying to help." 

So, stay tuned! We've got more headed your way!