How Editing Works At RIA

Contact Frankie

You can use Facebook Messenger or email to contact Frankie.

Describe your manuscript, including genre and word count.

Tell her what type of edit you’re looking for.

Then send your manuscript to her at for a sample edit.

Assessment & Sample

Frankie will then assess your ms to see if it’s ready for the edit you’ve requested. If not, she’ll coordinate this with you. If so, she’ll handpick the editor she determines best suits your needs.

She will request the sample and forward it to you when it’s ready.


If you decide to use our team, she will assign your ms to your team of editors and create a project schedule for you.

She will then coordinate with your editors, making sure they maintain the schedule. If something comes up on their end, Frankie will handle the situation. She will either find someone else, or she will handle it herself.

Completion and Review

Once your editor is complete with their edit, they turn it in to Frankie for review.

She will assess their work. If she determines that something was missed or that it still needs more attention, she will send it back for additional work.

If she determines that it’s ready, she’ll forward it on.

Payment and Issue Resolution

Frankie pays her editors when they complete their work.

She invoices you when she sends you the ms.

She expects payment to be made within 48 hours of receiving the invoice and completed ms.

If there are any issues with the ms, just bring those issues to Frankie, and she and her team will handle them promptly.

Description of Services


I do most of the developmental edits myself. I will read through the first portion of your book and offer my assessment. After reading the assessment, you and I will discuss what you want me to focus on. Then, I get to work looking at your structure, pacing, character development, world-crafting, voice, and more. I don't pull punches. 


The copyedit is just looking at grammar, spelling, puncutation, syntax, repeat words, sentence structure, etc. I will investigate copyright issues if there is a specific source noted and the question rises if the quote or name can be used. We also perform fact checking as necessary to ensure your scene is accurate. There will be no structural changes made here. 

We currently have three editors who can assist with copy edits. 


All we're looking for here is missing words, wrong words, missing or wrong punctuation. We'll be looking at the layout to make sure you have the breaks in the right places and that nothing looks funny.

Editing Team

Frankie Blooding


Frankie is our managing editor. She screens potential new authors and teams them with her editors in order to create the perfect team. She reviews the incoming ms to make sure it’s ready for the level of editing requested and, if not, will either send the ms back or will inform the author of the need for more edits. She does the same thing with her editors. She reviews the edits and either approves or sends them back to the editor before sending it on to the author.

She's been in the business for over 15 years and has published several books. She's a USA Today and WSJ Bestselling author. Her experience as an editor can also help you take your career to the next point.

However, it needs to be mentioned that Frankie is a very blunt editor. Others have termed her form of tough love as #FrankieBlunt and it’s a real thing.

Deliaria Davis


Del has always loved reading, writing, and fixing others papers. 

After taking several years off to raise her children, she came back with a vengeance. 

Today she is 80% editor 20% writer, loves helping new and established writers enhance their writing, and though she may be extremely blunt, has no problem answering any question a client may ask about their manuscript. 

She has 20 years and counting in editing. She's waiting to help edit your next bestseller.

Del is a fantastic developmental and line editor who works fast!

She is our lead editor.

Maria Rosera


Maria Rosera has been professionally editing since December 2014. Her work history spans over eighty books in which she has provided content editing, line editing, or proofreading. The genres she’s work on run the gamut from children’s books to urban fantasy to office romances and more. Her clients have included indie authors, small press publishers, and USAT bestsellers. Several authors have been award winners at industry conferences with books she’s had the honor of editing. Maria herself has been nominated four times for best-edited novel at UTOPiAcon.

She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and daughter, who is named after a character in a book, and two cats.

She is a fantastic proofreader and line editor. However, she has a lot on her plate and needs extra time.

Theresa Schultz


Theresa has always had a love of books, which translated into her academic career.  She majored in East Asian Studies at Denison University.

Prior to her editing business, she worked in a college library and had the opportunity to work with both students and faculty to conduct research and write papers.  Her clients include USA Today bestselling authors, and include the genres Young Adult, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Space Opera, Science Fiction, and more.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, and dog.  She loves the Oxford comma, and enjoys artisanal tea as long as it’s unsweetened.

She’s a good proofreader and line editor, and has a good turn around.

Paula Lester


Paula is a line editor and proofreader. She followed her first dream right out of high school, spending seven years in college and graduate school and then fifteen years as a small animal veterinarian.

She’s a life-long reader who didn’t realize until her early 40s that she had another dream, which she’s translated into her second career: writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing.

Paula lives where it snows. A lot. She has great neighbors, a fantastic husband, and one sweet but sassy little girl. When she’s editing, her mind is always on preserving the author’s voice while making changes that level-up the story-telling. When you take grammar and spelling errors out of a manuscript, you remove barriers so the story can shine through. Paula absolutely loves doing that.



Need a package?

If you need multiple edits, let us know and we can do a combination deal that knocks off some of the cost.


Developmental Edit

per word

Give detailed notes on the structure of the ms. In-line notes + detailed narrative.


Copy Edit

per word

Line edits with notes. We look at consistency as well as sentence structure.



per word

Review for grammar and punctuation only.