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I've been a NYT Bestselling author and intend to be one again in the near future. But I deeply enjoy working with my authors and watching them rise above the packs and above the ranks to become the best they possibly can be. 

Before I was an author, I was a project manager for electrical contractors, managing multi-million dollar projects. I understand the nitty-gritty on the things that give most authors nightmares.

Budgets? Schedules? Metrics? Productivity? Teamed with a hormonal muse? 

If those are the weaknesses you have, I can help you. 

I also enjoy working with new authors who are still developing their Voice. I help authors of all stages hone their craft to tell higher-quality stories while spending less energy to do so. 

In order to work with me, we need to talk and see if we'd make a good fit. 


I charge $50/hour for coaching. We can work packages together. That'll be fine. 


I work in the groups here on this site. You can download the Wix app to keep the chat going on your phone, your computer, and your tablets. 


Email me. Let's see if we're the right fit for each other. Tell me a little bit about where you are, where you want to be, and what's stopping you.  

Carol E. Keen

My writing career is getting un-stuck because of Frankie & Real Indie Author. Come see for yourself how life and career-changing this place can be!

P. L.

Partner in my writing journey. I live in fear of a day when she may decide not to do this anymore. Please never do that, Frankie.

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