Not Everyone's A World-Builder

You need to write your story!

World-building can be a ton of fun, but it can also be time-consuming.

We save you time to do what only you can do: tell your story your way. 

We help in the following genres: Fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, & contemporary (research gathering)

We provide details for physical attributes such as but not limited to Solar systems/space systems, world/kingdoms, places, ships, technologies, and sometimes will include maps if required and we have time. 

We also provide societal/physiological details such as histories, governments/agencies/groups, religions/science development, languages, & currency

Alt. Earth


  • Alternate Earth

  • Alternate History

  • No more than 5 Creature Types

  • Additional Dimensions $25ea

  • Additional Creatures $10ea



High Fantasy

Society Structure


Magic Systems

No More Than 5 Creature Types

Additional Creatures $10ea



  • Solar System Creation

  • Society Structure

  • History

  • Religious System

  • Technology Development

  • Ship Creation

  • No More Than 3 Species

  • Additional Systems $25ea

Character Bundle


  • 2 Main Characters

  • Brief History

  • Personality

  • Story Growth Arc

  • 6 Secondary Characters

  • Brief Description

Janet L

It was so nice to have someone else do the heavy work. I added my ideas and Frankie helped me create a fantastic story.

Mars Lize

I believe she takes things one step further to help you understand things further and she makes you feel as if she cares about your story/outline/characters as well. Additionally, she provides tips and advice to help strengthen the story. Frankie is the real deal!

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