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Many Indie Authors and Indie Providers fail at the budget


How much should your book cost? That's up to you. Go through the list of Indie Providers and find the fit that's best for you. 

And then go to your budget and figure out how you're going to make it work. You may need more time, but that's the best solution. Always. 

Every single one of us hates budgets. We never have enough money to do what we want, and when we sit down to do our budgets, we realize just how far away our dreams are in reality. 

Budgets to suck. 

Struggling Indie Authors and Indie Providers typically fail in budgeting. They either don't make a budget at all, or they build something that isn't as flexible as they need. Well, or they completely ignore it and do what "feels right" until there's no money left in the account. 

For the past ten years, I spent a lot of time working with budgets. Some of these budgets were amazing! I had millions of dollars and had a nice margin. Other jobs weren't as wonderful. I still had millions of dollars, but the expenses left me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole. 

But even with that level of expertise, I'm not an accountant. I'm not going to offer to do your books. Nope. I can sit down with you and go over your budget. I can give you a few pointers on what works and what doesn't. If you want to do that, contact me. 

But this page is really just a resource for you. Use it. Go through the links. Read the books. Watch the videos. This should be, without a doubt, a key part of your course curriculum.  


Lots of people want to know how much my books cost. 

It depends on the book. I have some that cost over $3,000 just to produce, and that doesn't include marketing. I have others that cost $500. It depends on what time I have, and what that particular book needs. 


I don't care if this is your first budget, or if this is your eighth. Sometimes, it's just good to get a refresher. The key--the absolutely key to making this work is honesty. You have no one shaming you. You have no one yelling at you, or telling you what a horrible human being you are. No one's telling you what a failure you are. 

Did you see what I did right there? It was like I was inside your head, huh? 

We all do it. So, go through some of the links and videos with an open, honest mind.