Sell More Books With a Winning Pitch

The book world is constantly changing and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of everything. Your greatest fear is that no one will like your book or even be able to find it.

We don’t promise bestselling launches because there are simply too many things that can adversely affect it. We do, however, help you build the tools you need to launch as successfully as you possibly can no matter the changes that are thrown your way.​





Make Your Books Looks Amazing

We use two programs to format books. Vellum works for the ebook formats and is easy to use. As such, we can impart to you a cost savings. We can include the paperback with this free of charge, but it’s a pretty simple layout.

If you would like a fancier paperback experience, we use InDesign. As we get new projects, we will update our portfolio.

Be sure that before you send your manuscript, that is clean of formatting issues.

We include one quick pass of “missed” typos not to exceed (10).




Keyword Lists

Target Your Sales with Keywords

We provide a list of keywords that can be used in your ads, and in your SEO for your blurbs, sales pages, and sites.



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