Cover Reveal - Whiskey Witches Books 1 - 4

The idea is to get more pre-made ebook covers ready. There seems to be a pretty high demand for them and they're so much fun to do! 

I re-did the Whiskey Witches ebook covers and they're officially done, ready for the reveal. The paperback flats are amazing! 

The stock images are from Neo Stock, which are amazing! I love being able to work with action! The elements were interesting to play with as well. It was tricky trying to figure out how best to brand these, meet the industry standard, and still be different enough to stand out. I'm really hoping that I did that with these. Time will tell! 

My favorite one is the third one, Barrel of Whiskey, with the model looking over her shoulder. That was just a lot of fun to do and it came out looking amazing!

I'm really looking forward to gather more clients and work on other people's books! Right now, my graphic design schedule is open. So, if you like what you see, contact me. I'm looking to build up my client list, so I'm sure we can work a deal. 

I realize I'm the commissioner of this work. I do. One day, I'm going to be able to work on other people's book covers. I really hope it's soon because I love doing this! Anyway, find out more about S.M. Blooding's books at her site, (that really is .co) and