Balancing Act

Photo by Orla/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Orla/iStock / Getty Images


If you've been in the writing business at all, you know that the toughest struggle is to get everything done in a day and still have time for your family and yourself. 

Well, since getting starting my new business, Real Indie Author, I can tell you that I have failed at finding my balance. Granted, I was trying to jump-start a new business and that's always tricky. But...I really need to take charge of things. 

Here's a review of

6 Tips to Create a Balanced Life


1. Assess your life as it is now.

Well, that's pretty easy. I'm working from 7am to 11pm every single night, except for Friday mornings where I try to spend some time with my husband. 

2. Make a conscious decision to become balanced.

I've totally done that. Like...twelve times. In the past month. 

3. And make that decision on a minute-to-minute schedule.

Okay. So, they might have something here. I say to myself, "Self, you should take a break and go for a walk. Right now." It's always followed by, "After I finish this one thing." 

4. Set goals in every area of your life.

Oh, I've done this. I'm really very good at setting goals! You can see them wallpapering my house!

It's...fulfilling them that I sometimes fall on, especially when it comes to finding balance. 

5. Be willing to take the risk.

I don't think they quite understand this one. My life is out of balance because of the risks I'm taking. 

6. Make time to reassess yourself on a daily basis.

Uh. Right. Okay. I should...probably get better at this part. 

And a review of

5 ways to find balance in your life


1. Balance isn't a goal, it's a process

Okay...that right there both frustrates me and makes me go, "Hmm." I also love that they mention that it's okay to fail because it means you were trying. Well, I'm failing. So...that's good? 

2. Prioritize

This is something I excel at! 

Prioritizing work. 

Hehe. They mention a book, The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. It's an expensive book, but I've ordered it. I'll read it and let you know what I find. But the big take-away here is to stay focused on what matters and to do those things first. Which...I already know! Maybe my priorities are wrong, though...

3. Set long and short-term goals. 

This is like reading a "project management for Dummies" article. Like...I already do this. BUT! The article goes into some great points. 

4. Be specific with your goals. 

Like, right now, I need to add working out into my schedule AND getting better credentials into my writing resume. Yeah. I've been writing for almost two decades, but--hehe--none of it is counting for beans! body is feeling old. I'm only 40. That's much too young to be feeling creaky. 

5. It's easier to find balance with another person. 


6. Endgame vs process. 

We should be focused on the process of living. That's...kind of key because my focus has been on the process of making a living since...well, since I had my first kid. It's been a rat-race for 20 years. Crap! No wonder my body's feeling old already! 


And a review of

Creating Life Balance To Achieve Success


First of all, they start off with the saying: 

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

That's cute and all, but it's still work. It's just work I enjoy! But they really hit the nail on the head. I'm enjoying it so much, I can't pull myself out of it to take care of myself. YES! I need to focus on time management--which I already knew--nutrition, sleep, and exercise--again, I'm not getting fireworks going off in my brain right now--and quality time with family/friends. 

But they also tell me I'm not alone. Thank goodness. 

1. Focus on Life, not work. 

Crap! This is going to be tough because...I'm working to make life livable. But they say I should focus on putting the horse (life) in front of the cart (career). That's... a good idea. I just have to figure out how to make it an achievable thing. 

2. Avoid Burnout

This is something I've been mastering over the past 20 years. I'm feeling a little smug right now, but it's true! Just as soon as I figure out HOW I did that, I will...share it. Tehe. 

3. Seek Role Models

This one is a little tough because... my role models create a lot of jealousy in me? I know that's horrible, but it's TRUE! I want to be a full-time author AND help other authors, but everyone is better at it than I am! I need to stop turning green and 

4. Have a "Me" Party

THIS is where I'm failing. They say...just do it. Eat right. Take time away from devices. Do what you enjoy. Work out. *sigh* HOW?! 


So...this is...great information? I've already been doing a lot of it. So...I'm going to write some lists? I guess? 

Doing GREAT!

1. Goals! As long as they're work-focused

2. Avoiding burn-out

3. Taking risks (though, I sometimes wish I was little more conservative. 

4. Prioritizing! As long as it's work. 


1. Seeking role models. I have them. I jealous of them all, so that's...not really helping me. 

Okay...I appear to be an extreme person here. I'm either REALLY good at things or I'm REALLY bad at them. 

Sucking At

1. Prioritizing life

2. Setting and meeting goals that have nothing to do with work

3. Taking time for me

4. Assessing daily

5. Focusing on life

6. Working out, eating right, or taking care of myself

So, I guess the next thing to do is going to be taking ONE of the things I suck at and DOING it. Focusing on doing it and then...DOING it. *sigh* I choose...*groan*...working out. I will work out three times next week. 

Frankie Blooding