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Editing Services

Writing your novel truly can be the easiest part of the process. The novel editing process shouldn’t be stress-inducing but it can be. There are many unknowns when hiring people to polish your book. At Real Indie Author, we have a team of editors who take the pain out of publishing by offering affordable and high-quality work in this area. Our team ensures we meet your schedule.


Book Launch Services

The book world is constantly changing and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of everything. Your greatest fear is that no one will like your book or even be able to find it.

We don’t promise bestselling launches because there are simply too many things that can adversely affect it. We do, however, help you build the tools you need to launch as successfully as you possibly can no matter the changes that are thrown your way.

We provide: blurb review and creation, formatting, keyword lists for ads and SEO, social media management, content creation scheduling, and we help you build a platform that works hand-in-hand with your individual author brand. 

Outlines and World-Builds

At Real Indie Author, we understand that some of our anxiety as authors comes from the very process we love and admire; creation. We’ve tailored our creation services to assist authors of every level further their career. Our focus is to keep you writing better, faster, and stronger in order to build and maintain a sustainable author career.

Book Covers

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